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Type: Ready to task

Rating: 8.5

KES 25,000

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EssayPro account, 4.9 99% done 270 orders. Manager ni Oliver.

Type: Na

Rating: 4.9

KES 310

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Studypool rising star completed 46 orders with 2 badges

Type: Rising star

Rating: 93

Studypool rising star completed 46 orders with 2 badges

Listed 1 day ago by Hillary Alutseshe

KES 28,000

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Studypool Top Tutor, 210+ orders, 96%, 3 badges (Humanities, WRITING, and Comp Science)

Type: Top tutor

Rating: 96%

KES 48,000

Studypool standard, completed 470 qns, rated 95%, 4 prime badges (Business, Humanities, Economics, and Science).

Type: standard

Rating: 95%

KES 27,000

Just inn: Studypool Top Tutor, rated 97.3% after completing about 550 orders, 3 best badges (Business, humanities, and health medical)

Type: Top Tutor

Rating: 97.3%

KES 75,000

Studypool Top Tutor, completed over 1400 orders, 97% rating, 8 key subject badges (Business, humanities, health medical, Comp Science, Law, Science, Engineering, & Programming)

Type: Top Tutor

Rating: 97%

KES 120,000

Studypool standard, 47 orders, 94%, 4 badges (Business, humanities, health medical, and Math). Has $33 inclusive

Type: standard

Rating: 94%

KES 24,000

Studypool standard; 38 questions done; 90%; 3 great badges (Business, Humanities, & Health medicall)

Type: standard

Rating: 90%

KES 11,000

Studypool Top Tutor, 1400+ orders, 95%, 6 prime badges (Business, Humanities, Science, computer science, engineering, programming)

Type: Top Tutor

Rating: 95%

KES 68,000

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